Our Partners

Investment Specialists

The Specialist Investment Managers responsible for researching and implementing the decisions under each Investment Portfolio are appointed by Fintech, following due diligence and approval by the Fintech Investment Committee. This gives Fintech control over the final decisions on your behalf in accordance with the investments aligned to your risk profile and asset allocation.

The Specialist Investment Managers research and recommend the specific underlying investments in the Fintech Private Portfolios. This includes the target weighting of those investments, changes to those investments and responses to corporate actions arising from the investments.

We have mandated Beulah Capital, in conjunction with leading research houses MorningStar and Ibbotson Associates to manage the Growth and Defensive assets in the Fintech Private Portfolios. These managers operate within the guidelines of the Fintech Private Portfolios Investment Management Committee and Charter to take advantage of specific opportunities in Australian Shares, Global and Emerging Markets, Property, Bonds and Cash.

Estate Planning

Despite the fundamental importance of Estate Planning, and the sincerity with which advisers raise the subject, it can be challenging to bring clients on the journey. They often prefer to leave the conversation for another time and place.

Yodal is uniquely developed to close the gap between client discussions and finalised Estate Plans. Client data is immediately and effortlessly merged into template documents that are automatically forwarded to your lawyer-of-choice, transferring the risk of you providing legal advice.

Estate Planning in a few simple steps

The Yodal system guides you every step of the way, automating many of the steps that previously made the process challenging for clients. The entire Estate Planning process is bundled into one comprehensive platform – from the initial client questionnaire, to Estate Planning recommendations, to provision of template documents to your lawyer for review and finalising.

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