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Financial Advice

The right strategies deliver significant value when the right structures, tax, legislation and asset allocation decisions are made. We simplify a complex world. With decades of experience in giving financial advice, we design and implement the strategies to help you control and shape your financial destiny.

Investment Portfolios

Whether investing in your own name, a trust or a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you have options to invest in quality portfolios that include ASX listed Australian Shares, Global & Emerging Market ETFs, Property, Term Deposits & Cash. Let us manage it all and take the worry away.

SMSF Accounting

Whether you’re considering a new SMSF, or have an existing SMSF administered for compliance, regulatory, taxation and accounting requirements, our team of advisers and qualified accountants are on hand to ensure seamless account management and maximum strategic reward.

Our approach


How do you free up surplus funds to achieve your goals?


Your income plan determines strategies to improve your cashflow through a combination of tax effective strategies and the efficient use of your income. The resulting surplus funds are then used to create wealth.


How do you determine the investment options best for you?


Your investment plan explores the different options available to you and applies the income plan and debt plan analysis to help you meet or exceed your goals.


How do you eliminate your mortgage and use debt to create wealth?


Your debt plan analyses your current debt structure, explores mortgage reduction strategies and determines the role debt can play in building your wealth.


How do you protect the things that are important to you?


Your risk plan analyses your financial needs in the event of a setback to your most important asset, your health. We seek to identify, and where possible, mitigate your exposure to financial stress in the case of inability to earn income. Getting the right level and type of insurance in place is critical to reducing your financial risk.


How do you achieve your ideal retirement?


Your retirement plan identifies your income needs in retirement and the level of assets required to provide this income. We work with you to achieve and sustain the lifestyle you desire.


How do you ensure that when you pass away, your wealth goes to the people you choose?


Your estate plan anticipates your wishes in the event of your death and determines a strategy to provide your family with funds in a tax effective manner and with asset protection a priority.

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Your initial consultation

Let us get to know you. We provide your initial consultation without obligation as we aim to gain an understanding of your current situation and what is important to you. From our chat, we look to determine the strategy areas that will add value to you, so we can agree on the next steps to grow and protect your wealth.

Once we have provided you with an exclusive Financial Strategy Report, and you are comfortable with our recommendations, we implement and review the agreed strategies that may assist secure your future.

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Grant does not solely rely upon his own experience and knowledge but also uses experts in the field of investments, trusts etc., all to the Clients advantage. He is totally trustworthy and nothing is too much trouble in his dealings. I have been very happy with my Superannuation performance over the many years dealing with him. I consider myself fortunate to have found and dealt with his Company. Highly recommended.

Grant and his team are super professional and the results speak for themselves. Unlike any other advisor Grant has an excellent understanding of all the components of wealth and risk and how they all play an important part in influencing the wealth package.