SMSF Accounting

What’s involved with an SMSF?

Fintech SMSF Accounting Offers You

Quality advice to enable implementation of the best possible strategies within a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

  • Invest in shares, exchange traded funds, property, managed investments, bonds, term deposits and cash.
  • Receive tax effective benefits as a lump sum or pension income stream.
  • Determine whether to appoint a corporate or individual trustees.
  • Rollover monies from an another superannuation fund.
  • Apply for tax deductible Life, TPD and Income Protection insurances within your SMSF (subject to underwriting).
  • Learn how to maximise tax deductions through concessional contributions and salary sacrificing by consulting with a Fintech financial adviser.
  • Deduct our competitive administration fees as a tax expense of the fund.

Specialist SMSF accountants providing first class service, compliance and advice

  • Receipt and processing of all super fund transactions and statements
  • Maintenance of accounting records, members records and annual trustee minutes
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and SMSF annual Income Tax Returns
  • Preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statements (includes GST management)
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure that you meet superannuation compliance laws
  • Auto-updating trust deed meets legislation and regulatory changes as they arise
  • Annual Audit by ATO approved auditor
  • Appointment or removal of SMSF trustees and members when required
  • Preparation of documents to update investment accounts with name of new trustees when required

Fund Establishment

  • Auto-updating trust deed prepared by qualified lawyers specialising in SMSF
  • Establishment of a Corporate Trustee and appointment of Directors if required
  • Membership Applications and Consent To Act As Trustee
  • Beneficiary Nominations – Liaison with Estate Planning Lawyers to ensure Beneficiary Nominations are valid and reflect your wishes.
  • Preparation of Trustee Minutes
  • Application for the super fund’s TFN & ABN with the ATO
  • Creation of a Cash Management Account (CMA) that integrates to the ATO business portal
  • Assistance with rollovers from other superannuation funds and accounts
  • Preparation of Investment Strategy and insurance review


  • Preparation of Pension commencement documentation for ‘Transition to Retirement’ and ‘Account Based Pensions’
  • Provision of Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Minutes of Meetings for trustee sign-off
  • Pension restructuring – ceasing, adding accumulation monies and recommencing to maximise tax benefits
  • Annual administration of Pensions including calculation of minimum withdrawals and preparation of PAYG Payment Summaries

Did you know that if your fund owns real estate, this can be transferred to you on retirement as part of your benefit?

The advantages of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund are many:

  • No hidden investment charges.
  • Increased flexibility and control to utilise strategies that maximise and grow your wealth.
  • Ability to implement strategies such as Transition to Retirement, buying a Business Property in your SMSF, Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements, Contribution Splitting, Binding Death Benefit Nominations and Reversionary Beneficiaries.
  • Maximise your tax deductions through concessional contributions and salary sacrificing after consulting with your Fintech Financial Services adviser.
  • Minimise tax on earnings and capital gains (pay 0% tax in pension phase and ‘transition to retirement’).
  • Maximise your tax-free income streams.
  • Our Fees cover total SMSF Administration service no extras for calculations.
  • Self Managed Funds are most suitable for people that gain benefit to a greater range of strategy options such as company directors, self employed business owners and high income executives. A maximum of four members are allowed.

Advantages of Using Fintech SMSF Accounting

  • Guided by Fintech, you have the ultimate control to take advantage of strategies that maximise and grow your wealth.
  • Fintech SMSF Accounting takes care of all the hassles, paperwork and data entry, and we hold and maintain all fund investment records
  • You can be confident in your fund’s compliance status and in meeting ATO lodgement deadlines
  • Access to up to date investment and fund reports
  • Access to technical experts and updates on regulatory change